My Podcast Projects

Title:  Audio Pictures.

Main Objectives:  To Provide an opportunity for students to write and record a short audio play.

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Class Type:  Teens and Adults

Aim:  To create a short audio play based on a photograph.

Activity Focus:  Speaking and Writing

Time:  A few minutes each day spread over a couple of weeks.

Material:  A photograph plus a computer with internet access and a microphone.

1.)  Teacher outlines the project to the students.
2.)  Teacher demonstrates the use of Audacity including the techniques required to edit audio files and add music and other sounds to audio files.
3.)  Teacher shows the photograph collection to the students and allows them to select the photo that most appeals to them.  The photographs all have at least two people engaged in some activity.
4.)  Students work in pairs to write and record a three to five minute dialogue based on the photograph. 
5.)  Students then edit the audio file using Audacity adding appropriate sound effects and music.
6.)  Students post there audio files to the class blog and invite comments from other students and the general public.

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